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Jermaine's Story

Jermaine Goupall was cherished by so many, and he aspired to become an Architect or Gas Engineer one day. He loved his family, friends and his community. He was very fond of his cat Happy, Music, an active member of a swimming club and an excellent swimmer.

Jermaine was just 15 years old when he was tragically stabbed to death multiple times in a vicious and senseless act of violence on 08 August 2017.

Jermaine was on his way home and stopped at his local shop to talk with friends. But before Jermaine made it home, he and his friends were stalked in by an unknown car loaded with various knives. Jermaine naturally tried to hide in the shop for safety and then left the shop to run home.

Jermaine started running home until the car saw Jermaine, and three masked youths jumped about the moving vehicle and chased him down, and before he could make it back to the shop he once was, they stabbed Jermaine multiple times.

Jermaine did not make it to the hospital and sadly died where he laid

Jermaine was the youngest teenager to be killed in London that year.

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